Albanian people

According to July 2016 census, The Albanian Population is 3,038,594 inhabitants, and urbanization rate of 57.4%. It is fairly even distributed, with however a slightly higher concentration of people in the West and the Center of the country.

Out of the Ethnic groups, Albanians account for 82.6% of the total population.

, Greeks and other including Vlach, Romani, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Egyptian total 1.9 %. The 15.5% remaining are unspecified.


Muslim 56.7%, Roman Catholic 10%, Orthodox 6.8%, atheist 2.5%, Bektashi (a Sufi order) 2.1%, other 5.7%, unspecified 16.2%

All mosques and churches were closed in 1967 and religious observances prohibited; in November 1990, Albania began again allowing private religious practice.